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Wide Variability in Organ Donation Rates: Midwest Leads Nation in Highest Rates of Donations

28 May 2015 – More than 123,000 Americans are currently waiting for lifesaving organ transplants, but 21 patients die each day because there aren't enough organs to go around. New research shows wide variation in the number of eligible organ donors whose loved ones consent to organ donation across the country. Read more

Penn Medicine Study Reveals Novel Use of 3-D Imaging Technique for Precise Measurement of Injectable Wrinkle Reducers

28 May 2015 – A three-dimensional imaging technique often used in the automotive and aerospace industries for accurate measurement may be useful to measure the efficacy of injectable wrinkle reducers such as Botox and Dysport, according to new research from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of... Read more

Penn Medicine Authors Emphasize Importance of Clinically Actionable Results in Genetic Panel Testing for Breast Cancer

27 May 2015 – While advances in technology have made multigene testing, or “panel testing,” for genetic mutations that increase the risk of breast or other cancers an option, authors of a review published today in the New England Journal of Medicine say larger studies are needed in order to provide reliable ris... Read more

Invitation to Cover: Balancing Act: Conflict of Interest and Scientific Discovery

27 May 2015 – How can academic medical centers best manage the emerging issue of conflict of interest among scientists and physicians working to develop the next generation of treatments and cures? How do academic conflict of interest policies affect the process of scientific discovery? Exploring these questions... Read more

Penn Study Links Better "Good Cholesterol" Function With Lower Risk of Later Heart Disease

27 May 2015 – A team led by scientists from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has shown in a large, forward-looking epidemiological study that a person's HDL function—the efficiency of HDL molecules at removing cholesterol—may be a better measure of coronary heart disease risk... Read more

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