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Student Records and Registration


The BGS Office serves to ensure compliance with the University regulations and procedures in a variety of areas of student and course records. These areas include: student biographic-demographic data; registration; grade reporting; enrollment in health insurance and student health programs; transfers of graduate group; leaves of absence; withdrawals, and the like; graduation requirements; alumni records; course offerings and enrollment; and faculty teaching activities.

BGS Office staff members maintain these records in conjunction with graduate group coordinators, the Registrarís office, and other relevant University offices. Many student and course-related records are maintained on the University Registrarís Student Records System (SRS) mainframe; most SRS data are stored in the Universityís Data Warehouse. SOMIS has developed a supplemental student records management system (SMS) for BGS and other SOM users, which captures additional BGS-specific data. Graduate group chairs have view access to SMS, and coordinators have update access to certain fields. In addition, the BGS Office maintains hardcopy files for all students, as well as a number of local databases. Graduate group coordinators and BGS staff adhere to very specific registration policies; as a result, students are not permitted to register themselves.