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Loan Deferment

Students who request loan deferment will receive loan deferment forms from their lending provider(s), not BGS. Once the student obtains the form, s/he should:

  1. Complete his/her section of the form – don't forget to sign and date
  2. Prepare a stamped and addressed envelope to the address of the lender noted on the form
  3. Hand-deliver the form and prepared envelope to Namrata Narain in the BGS Financial Operations Office in 417 Anatomy- Chemistry Building . If she is not there, the student should leave the materials in the wire basket labeled “NAM” to his/her right when s/he enters the office

BGS will complete and mail the form within 48 hours of receipt. Copies of completed forms will be stored in the students' files.

Note: Most lenders require loan deferment forms to be submitted every academic term.