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Procedures for Managing Visiting Students

Visiting Student Policy and Appointment Process

Students who are enrolled in a graduate degree program at another university may visit the University of Pennsylvania as a “visiting student”.  With approval of the Associate Dean for Masters Programs, a visiting student may engage in research training within the laboratories of the School of Medicine faculty.  Normally, such a visit will be limited to one year; however, with the approval of the associate dean, it may be extended but shall not exceed three years from the time of registration as a visiting student.  The visiting student is not permitted to enroll in Penn courses for credit or audit.

The visiting student will be enrolled in VSTG 993-Visiting Student Registration during the fall and spring semesters.  If the visiting student’s initial entry month is during summer semester (between May and August) he/she will be enrolled in VSTG 993 for that summer only.
FY18 current tuition rates:
$934 Fall/Spring Semesters
$450 Summer Session


A faculty member requesting appointment of a visiting student to his/her laboratory must provide the associate dean and the sponsoring department’s business administrator the following required documentation (there is no application).

For international students, additional documentation is needed from the sponsoring department:

Time Extension

To extend a student’s visit beyond the one year limit, the faculty advisor must submit a letter to the associate dean requesting additional time. The letter should state the length of time (beginning/ending dates), the reason for the extension, and certify financial support. In addition, a letter from the student’s home school verifying continued enrollment during the extended time and anticipated date of graduation. Once approved, the sponsoring department must provide a copy of the J-1 when a new one is issued.


Sponsoring Department: Will serve as the responsible entity for hosting the visiting student and will ensure adherence to all relevant university and school policies and procedures.  The sponsoring department will:

Office of Masters Programs:  Oversees the visiting student appointment process as well as:

Office of Masters Programs and Visiting Students Personnel

Donna L. George, PhD ~ Associate Dean for Masters Programs

Nam Narain ~ Director of Financial Operations or 215-573-2234

Please direct all correspondence to:

Kathryn Brossa ~ Program Coordinator or (215) 746-8231
151 Anatomy-Chemistry Building/6110