Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Combined Degree and
Physician Scholar Programs

2007 Research Paper Prize Competition

Recipients of the 2007 "Medical Student Research Paper Prizes"

Robert M. Toll Prize – Yeowon Kim
Title:  Chronic medical conditions and whishes to die among older primary care patients
Mentor:  Dr. Hillary Bogner

John G. Clark Prize – James Feinstein
Title:  What new information do pediatric autopsies provide?: A retrospective evaluation of 100 consecutive autopsies using family-centered criteria.
Mentor:  Dr. Chris Feudtner

Rose Meadow Levinson – Geoffrey Geiger
Title: Zebrafish as a "Biosensor"?  Effects of ionizing radiation and amifostine on embryonic viability and development
Mentor:  Dr. Gary Kao

Balduin Lucke Prize – Tina Franklin-Dumont
Title:  Off-schedule encodes aneIF4G-like protein coupling translational control to meiosis and differentiation in spermatocytes
Mentor:  Dr. Steve DiNardo

Morton McCutcheon – Jonathan Wanderer
Title:  Differential morphology and composition of inclusions in the  R6/2 mouse and PC 12 cell models of Huntington's Disease
Mentor:  Dr. Jenny Morton

Dr. Roy G. Williams – Matthew  Kayser
Title:  Intracellular and trans-synaptic regulation of glutamatergic synaptogenesis by EphB receptors
Mentor:  Dr. Matt Dalva

Dr. William F. Jeffers – Deepak Sampathu
Title:  Ubiquitinated TDP-43 in frontotemporal lobar degeneration and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Mentor:  Dr. Virginia M-Y Lee

George W. Householder, III Memorial Prize – Frances High
Title:  An essential role for Notch in neural crest during cardiovascular development and smooth muscle differentiation
Mentor:  Dr. Jon Epstein

Mary Ellis Bell Prize – Andrew Avarbock
Title:  Functional Regulation of the Opposing (p)ppGpp Synthetase/Hydrolase Activities of Re1mMtb from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Mentor:  Dr. Harvey Rubin

O.H. Perry Pepper Prize – Daniel Swarr
Title:  Transient gene knockdown of two zebrafish NF1 homologues (zNfla and zNfb) recapitulates growth abnormalities reminiscent of human neurofibromatosis
Mentor:  Dr. Jon Epstein

James C. Saunders Research Prize
Title:  Adaptation reduces spike count reliability, but not spike timing precision, of auditory nerve responses
Mentor:  Dr. James C. Saunders

Creskoff Prize – Rajat Gupta
Title:  Impared regulatory t-cell response and enhanced atherosclerosis in the absence of inducible costimulatory molecule
Mentor:  Dr. Andrew Lichtman

Endocrine Award – Collin Blakely
Title:  Hormone induced protection against mammary tumorigenesis is conserved in multiple rat strains and identifies a core expression signature induced by pregnancy
Mentor:  Dr. Lewis Chodosh

Dr. David B.P. Goodman Award – Kimberly Noble
Title:  Brain-behavior relationships in reading acquisition are modulated by socioeconomic factors
Mentor:  Dr. Marta Farah

Clinical Epidemiology Research Prize – Jennifer Wilks
Title:  Oseltamivir prescription in children hospitalized with community acquired laboratory confirmed influenza:  Review of 5 seasons and evaluation of an electronic reminder
Mentor:  Dr. Susan Coffin

CCEB Prize – Anthony Daniels
Title:  Profiles of obesity, weigh-gain, and quality of life in idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Mentor:  Dr. Laura Balcer

Leonard David Institute Prize for Health Service Research – Anna Flores
Title:  The effect of continuity of care in infancy on receipt of health screening serivces
Mentor:  Dr. Evaline Alessandrini

Pediatric Research Prize – Whitney Bowe
Title:  Report: body dysmorphic disorder symptoms among patients with acne vulgaris
Mentor:  Dr. David Margolis

Renal Research Prize – David Kotlyar
Title:  Renal function after orthotopic liver transplantation is predicted by duration of pretransplantation creatinine evelation
Mentor:  Dr. Mical Campbell

ITMAT Prize for Clinical/Translational Research – Esther Vorovich
Title: MM-9 compared with BMP as a biomarker of ventricular remodeling in systolic heart failure
Mentor:  Dr. Thomas Cappola

Richard K. Root Prize for Infectious Disease – Alan Enriquez
Title: Cost effectiveness of treating immune tolerant hepatitis B to suppress HBV DNA and prevent hepatocellular carcinoma and cirrhosis
Mentor:  Dr. Mical Campbell

Celso-Ramon Garcia Award for Outstanding Women’s Health Research - Andrea Goldberg
Title:  Second trimester loss and subsequent pregnancy outcomes:  What is the real risk?
Mentor:  Dr. Michal Elovitz      

Jonathan Rhoades Prize for surgical scholarship – Kristopher Jones
Title:  Somatosensosry evoked potential monitoring vs. transcranial motor evoked potential monitoring during surgical correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis:  A multi-center trial involving 1,121 consecutive cases
Mentor:  Dr. John Flynn

Emergency Medicine Research Prize – Julie Cooper
Title:  Effect of an automated chest radiograph at triage protocol on time to antibiotics in patients admitted with pneumonia
Mentor:  Dr. Jesse Pines

Marc Levine Radiology Research Award – David Well
Title:  Detection of Age-related changes in thoracic structure and function by computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography
Mentor:  Dr. Abass Alavi

John Glick Prize for Translational Cancer Research – Jeremy Brauer
Title:  Characteristics associated with early and late memanoma metastases
Mentor:  Dr. Michael Ming

Pulmonary Research Prize – Tessa Sundaram
Title:  Quantifying pulmonary parenchymal dynamics using magnetic resonance imaging
Mentor:  Dr. Jim Gee

The Alexandra J. Kefalides Memorial Prize – Ben Schwarz
Title: Selective thymus settling regulated by cytokine and chemokine receptors
Mentor:  Dr. Avinash Bhandoola