Professional Development

Please bear with us. Our new web site, which will be dedicated to faculty professional development resources, is under construction. In the meantime, we are keeping this page current. 

Advance, the faculty professional development program, is an institutional mentoring program for fostering the essential skills needed to advance professionally. The curriculum is divided into 6 domains: Career Development and Achievement, Leadership and Management, Research, Scientific Writing, Technology, and the comprehensive program for Attaining Teaching Excellence.

**Please note that the Professional Development Teaching Requirement applies to all Assistant Professors on the Tenure, Clinician Educator, or Academic Clinician tracks.**

Penn Medicine Ambassadors for Faculty

We recognize that Penn is a very busy and complicated place, and that it is not always clear who or where to go with your questions. The Penn Medicine Ambassadors for Faculty are here to assist you. While they may not be exactly who you are looking for, these individuals have extensive institutional knowledge and will most likely be able to point you in the right direction. Select the one who seems most closely associated with your question or need, and this person will be happy to help you.

The 2016-2017 Catalog of Faculty Professional Development (Unabridged)

This year's catalog includes FAPD's Advance program, as well as offerings from the Biomedical Research Cores, FOCUS, the Office of Clinical Research, the Office of Organization Effectiveness, and the Penn Medicine Academy. Whenever possible, links to workshop registrations, pdfs, e-learning modules, and videos were included. Please note, in addition to faculty development programming, the catalog also includes:

  • Professional development contacts for PSOM, Penn Medicine, and the University of Pennsylvania at large
  • Key questions to ask when preparing for reappointment and promotion
  • Information about Education Officers, COAP, and the promotion process
  • Access links to the via Penn program
  • Introduction to the New Penn Medicine Ambassadors for Faculty (key contacts for getting things done in administration, education, personnel, research, and in outreach initiatives)

The Schedule of Offerings

The Schedule of Offerings is a list of FAPD Advance workshops and resources with links for registration, days/times, and associated faculty facilitators. You will find the complete descriptions in the full catalog (above).

Update to Teaching, November 2016


Attaining Teaching Excellence

The Attaining Teaching Excellence Program includes online and traditional, face-to-face options for faculty who would like to improve their teaching techniques. 



  • Clinical Teaching at the Bedside
  • Clinical Teaching in Outpatient Settings
  • Developing Effective Test Questions in the Basic and Clinical Sciences
  • Effective Lecturing
  • Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
  • Incorporating Quality and Safety Moments into Patient Care
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Teaching and or with the Challenging Patient Encounter
  • Writing Letters of Recommendation for Trainees


Videos *PennKey Required*

These links lead to Knowledge Link (online) video content. When viewed to completion, each of these videos may count toward the Assistant Professor Teaching Requirement. You must click "submit" for credit to be registered.


Career Development and Advancement

The Advance Career Development and Advancement domain includes workshops, online learning, and digital resources to support success in each of the four Perelman School of Medicine faculty tracks: Academic Clinician, Clinician Educator, Research, and Tenure. Sessions are led by senior faculty who provide insight and guidance. Plan ahead with the Career Development and Advancement 2015-2016 catalog.

Career Development and Advancement Progress Areas

  • Formal Dossier Preparation
  • Teaching Expectations
  • Faculty Track Success
  • Reappointment 
  • Promotions
  • CME Options



Leading and Managing

The Advance Leadership and Management domain provides a highly curated yet broadly conceived selection of process and skill-based sessions that address how effective leaders and managers communicate, influence, and motivate in clinical, research lab, and educational settings. Some sessions may be offered as invitation only or via a nomination process. See the Leadership and Management catalog for specific offerings.

 Leadership and Management Progress Areas

  • Influence
  • Communication
  • Mediation
  • Financial Acumen



The Advance Research domain supports faculty in their roles as researchers, enhancing faculty skills in and abilities to prepare work for publication, manage resources, staff labs, follow grant protocols, and to supervise and mentor personnel. Click here to peruse the Research domain catalog.

Research Progress Areas

  • Applied Research
  • Core Lab Utilization
  • Effective Research Strategies
  • Resource Borrowing & Sharing
  • Strategic use of Research Tools


Scientific Writing

Through the Advance Scientific Writing domain curriculum, faculty have access to award-winning presenters and resources to support their efforts in publishing and presenting scientific data. Click here for the Scientific Writing catalog.

Scientific Writing Progress Areas

  • Editorial Savvy
  • Grant Preparation
  • Visual Presentation
  • Written Communication



The Advance Technology domain offerings emphasize the tools and skills faculty need as effective 21st century teachers, clinicians, researchers, and administrators who may lead cross-departmental teams, divisions, and departments, and/or who present for both students and peers in auditorium or conference settings. Technology workshops are intended to be interactive with opportunities for participants to inquire about and when possible try new technical options. There are many new workshops being offered: Advance Technology domain catalog.

Technology Progress Areas

  • Collaboration Tools 
  • Digital Visuals 
  • MedEdTech
  • Mobility
  • Virtual Medicine


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